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Alex Bays

Alex Bays is an up and coming Spanish musician who was looking for a personal brand identity at the intersections of luxury, extravagance, and authenticity. We created a psychedelic inspired look that harmonizes these desires by projecting a larger than life persona without overshadowing the music.


This project focused heavily on the visual component of Alex's image as well as his social media presence. As a musician it's crucial for him to have a distinct "look" that is instantly recognizable across mediums. We spent hours curating the perfect image for his musical persona.

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Social Media Strategy

TikTok is an invaluable platform for any musician, especially one looking to make an impact with younger people. For Alex, we curated a social media strategy that gives him both an opportunity to connect with his audience and perform for them, all while still posting frequent on brand content. Our focus was mainly on growth opportunities on Instagram and TikTok that could be leveraged to his advantage.

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Finding Your Niche

Here we outlined an approach to defining his niche and created corresponding content pillars for Instagram.

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