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Hoda Decor

Hoda Decor is a minimalist home decor business with an emphasis on using sustainable materials and community building. The ask for this project was a brand which would reflect these values while remaining simple, dynamic, and eco-conscious.

The Project

The scope of this project involved the full creation of the Hoda brand identity. This included colours, visuals, brand voice & tone, and fonts. In addition to these basics, Hoda Decor also received a social media strategy in which we outlined how their brand should be presented on social media.

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Social Media Strategy

The social media strategy for Hoda Decor includes context for how to implement the brand identity on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. This portion of the strategy includes brand specific suggestions at how to best translate the brand identity onto a social media platform that will accurately reflect their values and personality.

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Social Media Strategy - Content Pillars

The Social Media Strategy also includes brand specific content pillars -- these are general topics which can be broken down into dozens specific posts. These are all brand relevant topics that remove the struggle of constantly having to think of what to post next. With as few as three pillars, we were able to create over twenty unique pieces of content that can easily be scheduled weeks in advance.

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