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Process & Pricing

Exact pricing varies depending on the scope of the project. After a free initial consultation we can provide you with a custom estimate of the investment you'll be making. Listed below is the pricing scale for common projects.

Initial Consultation — Free

  • I offer a free consultation so we can talk about your ideas and determine if working together is a good fit. 

Content Pillars — $500

  • Content pillars are a great way to easily make content for social media. We’ll develop three to five different core pillars that your brand will always post about, and break each one of those up into five to seven subcategories. This makes it easy to plan an entire months worth of content on the fly. You’ll never have to worry about feeling like you don’t know what to post.

Social Media Strategy — $800

  • This includes no specific branding work, it’s more for brands who already know exactly who they are but need help engaging in the online realm. It includes content pillars, market research, engagement strategies, platform specific usage and techniques for growth.

Social Media Brand Persona — $1200

  • This includes a comprehensive social media brand identity. We compile your existing branding and package it into a cohesive visual persona. It includes details on proper usage, colour schemes, messaging, content pillars, market research, and breakdowns of your brand persona on each social platform and how they differ. I provide platform specific strategies for engagement and tips for finding your audience.

Full Branding Package — $1500

  • This includes everything packaged in the Social Media Brand Persona as well as a full branding suite. We’ll determine your font, colours, brand voice, visuals, and logo if needed.

Website Design — $1600

  • We’ll develop the layout, design, and aesthetic of your website. Depending on the scope of the website we may bring in a web developer to assist with the process.

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