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I am an interdisciplinary creative with a focus on the intersections of Marketing, Branding, and Design.

My work is inherently interdisciplinary in nature. I examine new projects through a multidimensional lens consisting of art, branding, visuals, and design.

I think these elements are crucial to develop any piece of work which wants to remain relevant and that can speak to those it is meaning to represent.


Whether it's an advertisement, brand identity, or a design project, all my creative content needs to feel purposeful and inspired -- just as real people do. I find that my educational background in political science and economics gives me a unique perspective from which I develop my projects.

My past work includes collaborative processes with industries such as music, fitness, startups, tech, and designers. This included PPC Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Digital Brand Strategy, and Web Design.

I take inspiration from icons of the 20th century including Andy Warhol, Barbara Kruger, and Jeff Koons. I'm fascinated by these artists and their ability to not only blur, but also transcend the boundaries between art, commodity, and advertisement. I attempt to channel their subversive nature in my own work by integrating contemporary elements of social media, digital consumerism, and our fast changing cultural norms.

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